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Peasant post #13 | Circe

The first vintage…

From the first vintage, from the estate…

Very happy to introduce my first baby to you. Bubbling, sparkling with love and candy. Obtained after a few struggles, including 42°C after August 15, but always with the same philosophy: to make you want to refill the “last” lick, before the next one.

Circe therefore… in Greek mythology she is the daughter of the Sun (Helios) and Perseis (the daughter of the Ocean). She is the Magician to whom we perhaps owe the presence of the bubbles!

I was told “but do you want to make a real Pet Nat?” Because… the real Pet Nat’ has 1 cm of deposit in the bottle.” I told myself that was a lot 😅

There is indeed one, light, I assure you. With or without, it's just a matter of taste.

Prefer without for finesse

Prefer with for indulgence

Some tips to start with finesse, and finish with delicacy:

1. Like most bubbles, Pet Nat' is best enjoyed very chilled (maximum 8°C), remember to refrigerate it in advance
2. A quick trip to the freezer 15-30 minutes before serving helps to set the deposit while serving
3. Open the bottle by holding it at an angle (same as champagne) with the deposit at the bottom
4. Serve glasses keeping the bottle tilted

Delivery to a relay point is free.

I encourage you to place orders of 6 or more items:

- for the planet (cardboards)

- and for you (-7% on the order).

Take advantage of this to combine with our Helianthus ;)

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