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Domaine Roquefeuille

Helianthus | Virgin oleic sunflower oil

Helianthus | Virgin oleic sunflower oil

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Treat yourself to a moment of poetry and light with our sunflower oil inspired by a moving Greek legend

Clythia was a madly nymph in love with Hélios, the god of the sun

Ignored by this one, she spent the rest of her days crying and looking at him throughout the day

The gods affected by his sadness, decided to transform it into a sunflower that tirelessly follows the sun's race

This oil is cold pressed to preserve all its nutritional qualities and its unique taste, then we let it decant naturally 


100% oleic sunflower oil

Oleic sunflower oil is richer in monounsaturated fatty acid (> 75%) than conventional sunflower oil (25% maximum)

Oleic acid (omega-9) is beneficial on the rate of "good" cholesterol (HDL)

Our oil is rich in vitamin E, a powerful natural antioxidant

Our oil is very resistant to heat and is perfectly suitable for a variety of delicious dishes, from salad to marinades through sauces

This makes it an excellent alternative to olive oil

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