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Domaine Roquefeuille

Circé | Natural sparkling 100% Chardonnay

Circé | Natural sparkling 100% Chardonnay

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The first vintage ... of the first vintage ...

Circé, daughter of Hélios and Perséis

It is especially the magician, queen of metamorphoses which allowed the natural (or magic) presence of bubbles in this bottle.

A sparkling pleasure, an invigorating candy 100% Chardonnay, to drink at any time and for all occasions.



Production: 853 bottles 

Grapes harvested on August 17, 2023

Bottling on September 4, 2023 at the end of fermentation (20g/l of remaining sugars)

TAV: 12%/flight.

SO2: 12mg/L

A deposit is naturally present, with or without, it is only a matter of taste. Prefer without as finesse, prefer with the gluttony.
Some tips to start in finesse, and finish in gluttony:
1. Like most bubbles, the Pet Nat 'can be enjoyed very fresh (maximum 8 ° C), remember to put it in the refrigerator in advance
2. A small passage to the freezer 15-30min before serving helps the deposit time to serve
3. Open the bottle by holding it tilted (ditto champagne) with the deposit at the bottom
4. Serve the glasses, keeping the tilted bottle
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