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Peasant post #9 | Last blank

Tuesday 19/09 we finally returned to Marsanne.
And what a relief!
I could have picked it up 15 days ago, but it was still just water and sugar (and a grape taste, I assure you)
There, we finally have honey and white flowers.

Nature is not as cute as we think and disease often attacks this white grape variety which needs a little more time to reach full maturity.

Here it is 48 hours later after clearing up in the cold.
If all goes well until the end, this one will be for my mother (plus I don't have other choices, she only likes white). And what a choice treatment, it will be entitled to fermentation in 400L barrels (for half... I would have liked 100% but for a first year and without hindsight it's already not bad 😅).

For the moment it's just grape juice, I can't wait for it to start its first bubbles and deliver its first gourmet notes.

For the rest, everything is fine. The Rolle (Vermentino) is based on passion fruit, the Cinsault on raspberry which awakens the taste buds and the Marselan on a red fruit that I cannot describe.

Continuation and end of the harvest approaching with the Cabernet which is still awaited.

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