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Peasant post #8 | Focus on red

This Tuesday 12/09 we brought in the first reds from Domaine Roquefeuille. Cinsault and Marselan.

But let me tell you about the adventures of Marselan today 😅:
2:00 Start of day
6:00 Last grapes
Red is always simple at first, just tuck it in.

So at that moment I let myself be seduced by the idea that at 10:00 everything would be cleaned and finished.

6:30 Uncle and cousin come by, we laugh. Then...the uncle finds that she still leans a little in this tank..
And for good reason... it was slowly breaking under its weight due to the lack of a base ill-suited to its shape.

10 hours later and devatting faster than expected, we have saved almost everything and calm and cleanliness are finally back in the cellar.

Cleaning is simple, it soothes, you just need water and a Bluetooth speaker.
For the rest, it's more delicate, and I would still be there if Father hadn't stayed to the detriment of his nap but especially his back which must be hot this evening.
Otherwise... who knows, this early load shedding will perhaps be part of our process in the coming years 😅.

Let’s move on to Cinsault…
Ah the Cinsault! Southern grape variety recognized, especially for “pissing” as they say, with therefore only rosé as its sole destiny.
Poor guy, frankly!😂

So let’s get back to the subject of this post!

It seems that red wine is not sold.
Apparently we have to make rosé.
So, as you can imagine...and in the will definitely be red. It will be long and a little risky but we will get all the color we can, and the taste of course. Here, it's off to a good start because the conditions over the last 2 weeks have been great and we've been able to concentrate everything!

Finally, among the good news of the day: officially admitted to the IGP Coteaux d'Ensérune winegrowers, and we love that 🥰.

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