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Peasant post #6 | The start of the school year

Ah the first times!

Like our first loves or all the days before the start of the school year, it was with a lot of emotion, stress and a little/a lot of fatigue (Féria de Béziers required) that I awaited the first harvests of the domain.

Everything was ready, or almost, there were a few oversights and hassles here and there 😅.

Of course the family was watching on this important day and it is with great pleasure that I can announce to you that the Chardonnay is doing very well and is slowly cooling in the tank.

It will be clear tomorrow and we will then let it start its little fermentation blops at its own pace. After which, only nature and him will decide when to quickly bottle it to transform into natural sparkling. Sparkling which I hope you will like.

I'll keep you posted so... Happy end of summer to everyone.

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