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Peasant post #5 | August (or almost)

Definitely my favorite time of the year: vacation and carefree.
This year it's more delicate, we say to ourselves that there is still cleaning, little things lying around here and there, setting up to finish to be ready.
These last two weeks have been intense. We changed the plans, in the absence of wheat we arranged everything to make the cellar in our storage building.
Cleaning, connection to drinking water, electricity and the cherry on the cake we received our barrels on time.
So the time to rest has come…
Then without warning the solemn call of Grand Béziers will come and then...for 5 days, time will stop from August 11 to 15 and the brass instruments will resonate from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.
The only fear in this sweet schedule: I am eternally impatient, and we will have to harvest the Chardonnay early and quickly to hopefully offer you an excellent Pet Nat' before the end of the year.
So we still keep our fingers crossed that the goddess Demeter will give us a bit of rest, for at least 15 days.
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