bidon huile tournesol helianthus

Peasant post #3 | Helianthus

Very happy to finally announce the first vintage!

I present to you Helianthus , our cold pressed sunflower oil.

The opportunity to tell you more about the domain, the logo and the upcoming range.
Here, people often say that Montady Pond is shaped like the Sun.

Not wrong: 43 ditches leave from its center and if we step back even further, the hill of the village deforms it from the North and it is finally a sunny heart which emerges, bordered to the South by the vein of the Canal du Noon.

Thus, all our vintages will be designed around the family of the Greek god of the Sun.

Let's start with our Helianthus, the sunflower which tirelessly follows the path of the Sun. I'll let you discover why on our bottle.

To be consumed in salad or in cooking and without moderation, whatever... you will quickly see that a few drops are enough, the taste is so strong!

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