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Peasant post #2 | Learn his lessons

Home stretch!

Last week I was back at school at ESA Angers to prepare for the oral exams for the BTS Viticulture-Oenology which began in September 2021.

Exam in June 🤓!

The opportunity also to enjoy the sweetness of Angevine, Ch'nin and my friends from the four corners of France 🙃.

On the campaign side, the picture is less encouraging and seems to be 2 months ahead.

The Sun that I love so much has not given way to the rain and the clouds coming from the West (not like in the song) have never reached the Mediterranean...

The vines are doing well 🍇,

But not a single piece of wheat 🌾 will be harvested.

This is how it is, the rain will perhaps finally come, it is necessary to hope to sow our sunflower 🌻

See you in June for the release of our HELIANTHUS vintage (sunflower oil).

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