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Peasant post #12 | Take height

This week we are busy on the Soustres plateau, this little paradise located on the Oppidum d'Ensérune overlooking our beautiful domain.

Sometimes we dream of having won the lottery, of being able to play American and of building an infinity pool, even two: one overlooking our land, the Montady Tower and the Béziers Cathedral; and the other which would overlook the Mediterranean and the Audois country.

As a consolation prize we still have the wild thyme which perfumes the area and that is already soothing enough.

For those who remember Post #1 which announced the resumption of the torch, here we are back under the olive trees 🫒… but now, it seems a long way away from the time when the cicadas sang above my head...

20⁰C less later, here we are in search of another oil offered by the gods, Athena in this case!

Let it be said, it is unlikely that we will sell it. Already, we consume a lot of it 😅 despite competition from our Helianthus... and, if this oil is expensive, it is mainly because it is rare and not harvested every year...

Olive trees are every other year, and there is no guarantee of having a yield the year they produce.

In our case, 10% produced this year or 90% next year, so…

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