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Peasant post #10 | Last red and end of the harvest!

Finally !
This is the Cabernet Sauvignon.
If all goes well (again), this one will be for the father, the elders are definitely waiting.

There, a small piece is cold vinified for “mine” (we’ll come back to that).

For the rest, it's CAB! He's not there to say hello and you forget him, a bit like the recipient of this vintage.
So we're going to try to vinify this with a little more heat but still velvet...

So, we filled 2 barrels with grapes and they will ferment in them, velvet casserole cooking!
For the rest it will first be in vats to better control the temperature and will then come aging.

I'm not a fan of futaille but this grape variety likes it. No question of offering you a board juice though.
We selected a few 2-year-old barrels, not to oak but to round out the edges of this powerful red.

All the grapes have been brought in and all that remains is to take care of these little people in the cellar!

If Mother Nature wants to rain, let her have fun…

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