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Farmer post #1 | Take the key to the fields

Welcome to this blog section, a bit old-fashioned it is true, where I hope to be able to keep track of the life of the estate over the seasons and the years.

It's difficult to go back to the very beginning, in 1984, when my parents came to settle there, at the end of these lands with such a particular shape. We will do a little history promised, but in a future peasant post.

So let's start today, with a simple presentation:
“My old man”, Dominique, 68 spring, born on March 21, you have to do it!
And me, Alexandre, 31 years old, left to live in the capital (Occitane! Don't mess around) once I finished my Baccalaureate.
It is mid-April 2023 and now I am taking back the keys to the estate with the aim of making the most of our production.

These peasant posts will therefore also be an opportunity to follow all of this.
I also hope to include a bit of everything and nothing, maybe even recipes because it seems that we cook well (and we don't drink without eating, or the opposite will be known)

See you soon for the rest,

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