Billet paysan #15 | Voici comment s'achève 2023

Peasant post #15 | This is how 2023 ends

Reading the title of this post, I know someone who smiles.
My childhood friend, lover of words, unfailing support in moments of doubt and who will not fail to notice the beginnings of plagiarism in TSEliot “Les hommes hollows”.

This is how 2023 ends... not in a whisper but in an indescribable emotion.

Of course it wasn't perfect. And from afar… (I would have done without a drought and total loss of wheat). Of course I will do better, both for the organization at the estate and for my family. But it did and I am happy with what is now waiting in bottles and vats.

I see myself again 3 years ago, still far from thinking about leaving everything in my #Toulouse life and just suggesting to my father that we make a few bottles in the countryside.

I see us again traveling the roads of #Occitanie in search of small equipment:

  • a small press in #Banyuls (66)
  • small vats in #Coursan (11)
  • a small destemmer in #Pézenas (34)

Just like that, to try, harvest with family as before, have a meal as if it were the harvest of the century even though we had collected the equivalent of 300 bottles.

The road is still long and I have almost only seen the warm days... for a sunflower like me, winter is much more depressing 😅.

The sparkling is finally available, the #petnation is waiting for you!
The whites mature in the cold of winter,
The reds...too.

In photo, a theoretical image of what is happening (from left to right):

  • Cabernet Sauvignon/Marselan (matured in barrels so will be released later)
  • Fresh marselan
  • Cinsault
  • Vermentino
  • Marsanne

This is how 2023 ends...

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